Duel FAQ

What is Duel?

Duel is a skill card game played between two players where every hand is a puzzle!

The rules of the game are based on open-face chinese poker, the second-most popular game in high-stakes card rooms played by some of the best poker players in Vegas. Duel reimagines this exclusive game giving anyone the chance to compete with the elite for top Duelist.

Good luck! 😊

How do I play Duel?

Start a game with a friend or play against one of our challenge AIs. The rules of the game are simple:

  1. You are dealt a sequence of cards which you must set into three rows.
  2. After all cards are set, your top row must be the weakest and your bottom row must be the strongest. For example, you can have a pair of Jacks up top, but you must have a pair of Queens or greater in the middle, and your bottom must have something even greater than that!
  3. You cannot see your opponent’s cards until you are finished setting your own.

When your cards are set, your hand is compared on a row-by-row basis with your opponent’s and you earn +1 for each row that you’re stronger. Win all three rows and you earn a +3 scoop bonus. Boom!

You can also earn additional points by completing made hands on each row, such as a straight or a flush. These are known as Royalties and you can view the full reference of such bonuses by tapping the red question mark button in the game.

Lastly, complete a valid hand with a pair of Queens or greater on the top and you will qualify for a unique advantage on your next hand called Fantasy Land.

What is a good strategy for setting my cards?

A good way to learn beginner strategy is to play some hands with our bots. The Minnow’s basic strategy is great to learn to avoid fouling. The Shark offers advanced and riskier strategy.

Finally, like a game of poker, the optimal way to play Duel depends on how you play your opponent!

How random are the cards?

Our software has been tested and certified by the Netherlands Measurement Institute using the same tests required by the UK Gambling Comission for land-based casino operators.

You can view our certificate of compliance here.

Fantasy Land

What is Fantasy Land?

Fantasy Land, or FL, is a special bonus in Duel that allows you to set your entire hand at once by seeing the first 14 cards in the deck immediately. Your opponent does not see how you set your hand until they finish setting their own.

How do I get FL?

To qualify, you need to set a valid hand with a pair of Queens or greater up top. However, an FL is only rewarded if you alone qualify. If both you and your opponent qualify, the FL is cancelled out.

You can also stay in Fantasy Land once you have it: set a valid hand with either (i) trips up top or (ii) quads or greater on the bottom to stay in FL.

Why did my opponent get different cards during my FL?

Well, they actually didn't. When you get FL, you are getting the first 14 cards in the deck. Your opponent also gets the first 14 cards, but they also get three extra cards because they have to discard one card for every three that they draw after they see thier initial five cards.

Is it possible that your opponent could score a better hand than you on your own FL because they see more cards in total? It is, but we would bet that the player with the FL will usually come out on top.


What is my HEAT and how do I improve it?

Your HEAT value is a rating of how well you've set your own hands in recent games.

High-scoring royalty hands and qualifying for Fantasy Land increase your HEAT; zero-royalty hands and fouled hands decrease HEAT.

Hands played in FL do not affect your HEAT.

Playing Duel

How do I play my friends?

If your friend already has the app installed, you can search for his username by tapping on “Find or Add” search bar and then entering his @username.

If your friend doesn’t have the app installed, click on Find Your Friends in the lobby, then choose to invite them via SMS or Email.

How do I find other people to play against?

If you have run out of friends to play, you can scroll to the bottom of the lobby and challenge a new player in the Suggested Players list.

We try our best to populate the Suggested Players list with players of a similar skill level.

How do I ignore a game request?

You can ignore game requests by swiping left on the game request tile to reveal an “Ignore” option.

How do I quit an existing game?

Currently, you cannot quit an existing game with an opponent. However, if you play through the entire game, you can choose to ignore a new game request.

Why do I have to wait to rematch The Minnow or The Shark?

We need to feed our power-hungry AI machines plenty of electricity to keep their grind strong; the limits help keep our bills down. If you'd like to skip the wait, you can spend Pineapple credits to play right away.

Can I play for real money?

No, we don’t currently support real money transactions.

Pineapple Credits

What are Pineapples and how can I get more?

Pineapples are in-game credits that you can use within the app to skip the wait to play Challenge games. For example, you can use Pineapples to play games against The Minnow and The Shark.

You can purchase more Pineapples by clicking on the orange "+" button on the Challenges header in your lobby.

Account Recovery

I bought a new phone. How do I restore my account on my new device?

If you've backed up your phone, simply restore your backup onto your new device and your account settings will be persisted. If you can't restore your backup, keep reading.

Before giving up your old phone, register your phone number in the app to associate your account with your personal phone number:

  1. In the app, tap on your own profile.
  2. Tap on the settings icon in the top right (gear icon).
  3. Tap on Verify Phone Number.

Now you may install Duel on your new phone from the App Store and recover your account by tapping on "Already have an account?" when you open the app for the first time.

I never registered my phone number. How can I restore my account?

Create a temporary account in Duel app and contact us via #Feedback channel.


Why are notification permissions needed?

We use notifications to tell you when your opponent has made a move against you or when someone in the game has challenged you to a new match.

Why are address book permissions needed?

We use address book permissions to find your contacts who are already playing Duel. We don't store or share any of your contacts' information.


How secure are my games and chats?

All game actions and chat messages are sent over the network using 128-bit encrypted HTTPS, the same technology that banks use to encrypt your login information.


Questions and Feedback

If your question isn't answered here or if you have a suggestion for the product, we would love to hear from you! You can contact us directly using the #Feedback channel in the app or by emailing us: support@getduel.com.

Thanks for playing Duel!